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Sunday 2nd August 2020

Main web service System maintainance

Dear customers and partners,

while the Corona crisis causes an ongoing disruption to many of you, we are experiencing a large increase in ticket sales in some parts of the industry as we're helping institutions which previously did not make use of online ticketing.

We'll therefore need to increase the storage capacity of our database cluster. Due to the redundant nature of our cluster, we expect to be able to do this without pretix being unavailable for more than a few seconds.

However, just in case something goes wrong, we want to inform you about the planned operation and are therefore announcing a maintenance window

 from Sunday, 2020-08-02, 21:00:00 UTC
 to   Sunday, 2020-08-02, 22:00:00 UTC

You can convert this to your timezone here: Downtime&ah=3&sort=1

We've checked and it looks like no events on the system are running their check-in at that time. If you do, we kindly ask you to make sure that your check-in devices are synchronized beforehand and switched to offline scanning mode. To be safe, we also recommend printing out a check-in list on paper.

Thank you,

your team

  • We've finished our maintainance work for today and apologize for any inconveniences. The total downtime was in the range of 1-2 minutes,

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